Reviews from our 1st UK sales – The ED1000 is proving very efficient!

Edward Jones

16 October 2015
Brilliant piece of machinery
We First used KHD Brokk hire for the removal of concrete floors and brick /block walls in a paper factory, the Brokk electric machines did a fantastic job but our biggest challenge was removing the debris due to not being able to use any diesel dumpers, KHD offered us a electric high tip dumper, the battery life easily lasted a over a full shift and was very easy to use. Fantastic piece of kit and we can not wait to use them again on future projects. 


Tyres deal with McLaren

McLaren Industries, a leading manufacturer of OEM and aftermarket tracks and tires, has recently joined forces with Ecovolve to supply tires for the ED1000. Packaged with McLaren’s Nu-Air series solid cushion tires, ED1000 operators will experience unmatched stability, toughness and smoothness of ride. “We are thrilled to partner with McLaren,” Breen said. “Ecovolve prides itself…