About Ecovolve

About Ecovolve

Who We are

Ecovolve is a unique Irish based business that specialises in compact electrical/green ecoplant machinery. After a detailed design and development process the company launched the world’s first high tip electric dumper in 2015, which it exports worldwide.

Ecovolve’s Founding

Prior to establishing Ecovolve in 2010, our founder Sean Breen had been working in demolition, concrete and electrical plant hire since 1997. Bringing his significant hands on knowledge to bear in the design of the initial High Tip Dumper trucks. Seeing a gap in the market for a product range that delivered full load performance across a full working day, Sean set about designing the type of machine that operators would like to use, and which he knew his clients needed.

Sean’s keen interest in all types of machinery, his design and engineering capabilities and his on the ground experience ensured that the many iterations that the design went through prior to launch yielded an end product that worked exactly as the clients and the operators required.

Sean’s demolition experience meant that a rugged machine was designed. His rental experience meant that a low maintenance, reliable, easily transported product must be delivered. And his concrete cutting experience resulted in the versatile, compact and manoeuvrable high tip machine range. The company philosophy remains that we continue to invest and innovate to stay ahead of the market and provide the next generation of specialist machinery.

Our Electric Dumpers

All our award-winning products are eco-friendly, Smart Charging, Low Noise, Zero Emissions plant solutions. Our clients operate within tight, enclosed sites or in production environments in Pharma, Food and Feed where zero emission criteria apply. Delivering flowing substrates directly to where they are required, our products ensure that our clients decarbonise their handling system while enabling flexibility. Being zero emission battery powered vehicles also means there is no requirement for on-site fuel storage.

The Future of Zero-Emission Construction

City authorities, the demolition and concrete markets and our clients are increasingly demanding zero emission electric plant utilisation where public access in urban environments is impacted by construction projects. This is a marketplace that is expanding rapidly as the many benefits of smart charge, low noise, zero emission plant are understood.

A contractor can ride or walk behind an ED800/1000/1500 through a mall, down a tunnel or process hall as all the safety lighting, alarms and functionality is on board every unit we manufacture. They value speed of delivery within their project or process and ease of use for the operators. We even provide safe storage of manuals in bespoke secure locations on the units for 24/7 access by operators and all manuals, training and videos are available to clients online.

Ecovolve's International Clients

Electric Dumper Testimonials

We used the Ecovolve ED1500 dumpers on a recent pharma job, they moved a lot of materials and got the job done for us with a lot less manpower!

Mick Lyons

Robert Quinn Ltd.

I’m a big fan of the Ecovolve as it fits extremely well into our electric zero emission range. All the customers who have ever hired one from us have been very pleased with the Ecovolve’s’ performance and we’ve never had any complaints!

Nadine Clark

MD Kelsey Plant Hire

We used the ED800 High Tip Dump Truck to move over 200 tonnes of material from a courtyard site. It’s a great machine that never let us down.

Matt Heffernan

Heffernan Construction