The ED1500 is our 1500kgs/3300lbs High Tip, low noise, zero emissions, all wheel drive dumper truck that comes with its fuel already on board! Simply plug in overnight and its on board smart charger selects for 110V or 220V, ready for up to 8hours work on full load. High Tipping up to 1.6M/63″into skips/dumpsters, you can carry almost a yard of cement in its S355 Grade steel skip. Add the optional Ecochute and you can accurately pour your concrete or flowing substrate exactly where you need it. Very low Maintenance consists of a monthly greasing via the 11 on board grease nipples and a full charge/discharge of the power pack. Our super elastic tyres are maintenance free, choose standard or no-mark options. The ED1500 outperforms all others in the Battery powered Dumper truck market and provides all day, every day, zero emissions performance. See our spec sheet for more information.

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