Ecovolve Electric Dumpers

Ecovolve Electric Dumpers

Ecovolve manufactures 3 slightly different zero-emission dumpers. The ED1500, ED1000, and ED800. Each dumper suits a different use case. The ED1500 is best for big loads where ample space is available. The ED800 is focused on fitting through small doorways and corridors. Meanwhile, the ED1000 is the perfect combination of both the larger ED1500 and smaller ED800 electric dumpers.

not different, but unique dumpers

Ecovolve Dumpers are not different, but unique. Here are some features that make our Zero-Emission, Electric Dumpers stand out:

Full Electric, Zero Emission Dumpers

Fully Charged in 8 Hours
Full Day's Work on 1 Charge
Built with Durable, Longlasting Materials
Low Noise
Concrete Chute
Easily Operatable

ED1500 Electric Dumper

ED1500 Electric Dumper

The ED1500 is our 1500kgs/3300lbs High Tip, low noise, zero emissions, all wheel drive dumper truck that comes with its fuel already on board! Simply plug in overnight and its on board smart charger selects for 110V or 220V, ready for up to 8hours work on full load. High Tipping up to 1.6M/63″into skips/dumpsters, you can carry almost a yard of cement in its S355 Grade steel skip. Add the optional Ecochute and you can accurately pour your concrete or flowing substrate exactly where you need it. Very low Maintenance consists of a monthly greasing via the 11 on board grease nipples and a full charge/discharge of the power pack. Our super elastic tyres are maintenance free, choose standard or no-mark options. The ED1500 outperforms all others in the Battery powered Dumper truck market and provides all day, every day, zero emissions performance. See our spec sheet for more information.

ED1000 Electric Dumper

ED1000 Electric Dumper

The ED1000 is the workhorse of the ED range, delivering unmatched performance in a compact, powerful and high efficiency package. Powered by AGM battery packs and smart charging overnight, your ED1000 will deliver 8 hours work at full load. Load 1000kgs/2200lbs in its rugged S355 Grade steel 1M/39″wide skip and high tip up to 1470mm/58″skips/dumpers. With low noise, a turning circle of 1.6M/63″and very low maintenance required, the ED1000 will power your projects and deliver unmatched levels of performance all day, every day. See our spec sheet for more information.

ED800 Electric Dumper

ED800 ELectric Dumper

The ED800 excels in constricted spaces, delivering 800kg/1763lb loads through 800mm/31.5″doors, high tipping into skips/dumpsters and pouring concrete accurately via its Ecochute attachment (optional).The rugged go anywhere construction enables the ED800 to outperform any other electric powered dumper/buggy in the market, working longer (up to 10 hours on full load), tipping higher (1470mm/58″) while delivering zero emissions performance. Load up to 480ltr/17cubic feet heaped in the ship, or half a yard of concrete and deliver your flowing substrate exactly where it’s needed. Remove your waste or demolition materials quietly on super elastic no mark tyres, utilizing the power of a 5KW/7HP motor. See our spec sheet for more information.

Ecovolve's International Clients

Electric Dumper Testimonials

We used the Ecovolve ED1500 dumpers on a recent pharma job, they moved a lot of materials and got the job done for us with a lot less manpower!

Mick Lyons

Robert Quinn Ltd.

I’m a big fan of the Ecovolve as it fits extremely well into our electric zero emission range. All the customers who have ever hired one from us have been very pleased with the Ecovolve’s’ performance and we’ve never had any complaints!

Nadine Clark

MD Kelsey Plant Hire

We used the ED800 High Tip Dump Truck to move over 200 tonnes of material from a courtyard site. It’s a great machine that never let us down.

Matt Heffernan

Heffernan Construction