Another 40 foot Container of Ecovolve High Tip Dumpers on its way to the USA….

Another 40′ container of Ecovolve High Tip Dumpers, Zero Emissions check out the lads loading up…

Fully Electric Dumper Trucks starts loading, prior to its leaving our manufacturing facility here in Laois, Ireland!

The Advantages of our Electric High Tip Dumpers include….

Our ED800/ED1000/ED1500 dump trucks help our clients to meet tighter emissions on sites, reduce their staff numbers on jobs (advantageous due to the new Covid regulations) and they help ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget!

We all need to deliver greater value to clients in 2020 while retaining margin in our Covid affected businesses. So our battery powered Dump Trucks provide a full days work (8-10 hours on continuous full load) on a single charge and are the rugged, proven tools for the job! All day, every day!

If you have any enquiries, call the office on +353 57 862 6669

Ecovolve Dumper on its way to the US...

Ecovolve's International Clients

Ecovolve’s International Clients