Navigate Steep Ramps fully loaded

Fully Loaded Performance

Our clients often have to navigate Steep Ramps fully loaded. These jobs can be in basements, underground parking lots or within internal building structures where access is a problem.

All in a day’s work for an Ecovolve Dump Truck

Designed to work in the harshest of environments, our ED range of battery powered, High Tip, Low Noise, Dump Trucks get your materials in or out of reduced access, tight spaces!

With a tight turning circle, 1.5T capacity and All Wheel Drive, the ED1500 is the workhorse of the range.

Or select the ED800 with a width or 800mm.

Or choose the ED1000 which carries 1T of material, is 960mm wide and runs 10 hours.

Check out our video here below where you will see an ED1500 in action on a steep ramp.

Add the EcoChute attachment and then you can back pour the concrete floors, walls, columns or shutters. Quickly, efficiently and silently. All day. Guaranteed.

With our Wet Pack upgrade your tunnelling, mining or wet environment work is covered too!

Ecovolve have earned an unrivalled reputation for providing eco friendly equipment that delivers huge benefits for our customers, every working day. Our products are primarily delivering for Concrete and Demolition clients worldwide.

We also sell into Rental clients worldwide who hire the units onto pharma, food, tech, health, educational, retail and mining jobs and into major contractors like BAM, Sisk, John Paul etc, here at home and abroad.

Safety officers, project managers and the accountants who run these jobs love the units. In terms of quality and performance, nothing in the market matches our ED product range, which is the proven No.1 in the field since it’s launch.

So contact us with your projects and we will recommend a product for your needs, our enquiry form is accessible via contact us above. Or call us on 057 86 26669.

Ecovolve's International Clients

Ecovolve’s International Clients