Inspections and periodic service is vital to safe operation of the electric dumper. Adhere to a strict inspection, lubrication and maintenance schedule. Only use original approved spare replacement parts when carrying out repair work.

The service schedule consists of the following intervals:

  • A Daily Service
  • 50 Working Hour Service
  • First 150 Working Hour – Rear Drive Unit Oil Change (Then 2000 w/hr thereafter)
  • 500 Working Hour Service
  • 2000 Working Hour Service

To maximize your warranty, after each periodic inspection, proof must be submitted to Ecovolve. This is the only way to prove an effective service has been completed by a competent and qualified person as per instructions in the Owners Service Manual.

If you have any questions regarding your warranty please contact your local distributor.

Please keep and save a complete, detailed record of the maintenance process. All maintenance procedures must be recorded; otherwise you will lose your warranty.

Please complete the warranty submission form below.

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Additional Notes

I declare that the inspection and periodic maintenance work completed on the ED, with reference to the vehicle identification information provided, has been carried out by a competent technician at or before the required working hours. Users shall be responsible for any loss caused by improper use or failure to service to the correct standard. Ecovolve Ltd will not be responsible for such loss.